my home小升初英语作文

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  Each people have, but each family and each home is different.


  My home is the home of three generations, father is Grandma's youngest son, mother is their least a brother and sister. Needless to say, of course I also in the big family of a minimum of. Grandma said we are three families.


  My mother is a middle school teacher, my father is busy with his things, we have a family of four, only in the evening every day to get together. At that time, is my happiest time. After dinner, my mother checks my homework, my father taught me to learn English, if you have time, I'll give them to play the piano, singing, reading a few text. We have a very happy. In the study, if I got good scores, they will be more happy than me.


  Grandma at home taking care of our lives and health. Grandma is very strict with us, too nagging. She is very kind, we all respect her.


  Life in the sea of love, happiness and joy.