my pet dog英语作文

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  宠物是为了精神的目的而豢养的动植物。下面是介绍宠物的英语作文:My pet dog,供大家参考。

  英语作文:My pet dog

  I have a pet dog. She is 2 years old. She is a clever and beautiful dog. Its name is Huahua. Its colour is white. She has two big eyes, just like mine. She is very lovely. She can understand me. When I play, she will play, too. When I have dinner, she always sits on a chair near me. She is very naughty.

  One day, I went out for a walk with her. She ran too fast. So I couldn't find it soon. I was very worried, but when I was crying, I found she was behind me. What a lovely and naughty dog she is!

  Do you think so?

  英语作文:My pet dog

  i have a dog named serli,he is my best‘friend’。

  we aiwayls play in the park ,he often running with me 。

  he is very smart and my all of friends said he is cute,they also lovehe 。

  this is my pet ,do you like it ?

  英语作文:My pet dog

  I have a pet dog 。 It name is Daler 。I think she is my best friend。

  It is a girl ,I love it a lot。We always play in the park。She rans very quickly in our street。

  Sometimes,I go to my gardenparents’ house with it 。She is very smarter and cute。My friends said

  she is beautiful and clever。I think so。

  She is my best friend——Daler。Do you like her?