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  Every day I will come to my house downstairs garden that buy vegetables, every time to buy food I will carry a green bag, and I buy food is the most fresh, the most nutrition, without any pesticide of vegetables.

  After buying vegetables, I will go home to cook cooking. I hold accuse the electric meal bao in the home is from solar power, so that use of low cost, no pollution to the environment, to adapt to the sustainable development; High reliability, and does not need complex auxiliary system. I started cooking. My family is from downstairs stream into electric frying pans hydro power, its low cost, no pollution, can be continuous regeneration. Can strong effect. Water dissolving force is big, has great ability of ionization, can make the water soluble substances in the body exist in dissolved, and the attitude of the electrolyte ions, help active chemical reactions in the human body, increase the vigour. After dinner, I go to do my homework.

  My home is the LED desk lamp, it can be environmental protection and energy saving can save 80% of the electricity; More comfortable visibility, provides a more uniform light and clear images; Long life; Easy to use security. Homework, I'm ready to go outside to play for a while.

  I rode my bike and looking at the flowers outside, very beautiful flowers, colorful; Grass, grass, cui lust flow. His heart alacrity. My bike is very good, he is very environmental protection, no pollution, can let us save Labour, save money. In the look at the car outside, energy consumption; The tail car cause air pollution, global warming; Go out by car, reduces the chance people walking exercise, affect the body health. Say to say, we'd like to keep the car bicycle, drive a car. I went to bed after I exercise the body.

  My bed is very warm, it is because we use heat to keep the bed warm. He covers an area of small; Don't need to do central heating time saving manpower; Thermal efficiency is higher, the heat utilization rate of hot water is several times. Very practical. In my warm bed asleep slowly, slowly fall asleep. This is my low carbon life, my home!







  Now advocate low carbon life, as the primary school, I won't make much contribution to the earth, but in low carbon life that on the one hand, I also try to do things I can do.

  Now I just have a holiday at home, will be the first to the family "operation"! Grandmother cooking meals every day don't pay attention to save, I say: "grandma, now advocate low carbon life", if you like rice, cook the rice for 20 minutes and then, can shorten the time, should be used when cooking in the fire; burn something to wipe pan, not easy to boil and boil food with a pressure cooker, and helps save gas. Also, wash dishes of water that clean out rice can be used to water the flowers, wash clothes of water can be used to mop the floor or flush the toilet." Grandmother surprise of say: "is that so?! Grandmother, don't know, just do what you say!"

  Dad always play while the computer before you go to sleep, I have the chance to say: dad, advocated "low-carbon life", now playing computer not only a waste of electricity, is not good for your eyes, you know, there are a lot of countries is because there are many people of reckless waste of electricity, so they often power outages, the day was fine, have to have lights in the evening! Dad you look how poor they are, you still go to bed early! Dad said happily: "my daughter grow up, know more than me, has a point, I will try, also join your" low carbon gens ". My heart crossed.

  In the evening, grandpa opened the TV, voice is very big. I said: "grandpa, now people are constantly improve low carbon consciousness, the voice is small, low brightness can power saving, and your mobile phone, the evening is turned off when not in use, can reduce the number of charging." Grandpa all smiles said: "you not the kui is a great granddaughter, I know at an early age saving, these I also thought, I will do." I am pleased to jump three feet high, grandpa is the "low carbon" crowd.

  I can't ask someone to low carbon, oneself also want to do, I will immediately take action. Do drink plain boiled water more, drink less; Less with paper towel to wipe hands; Choose a day every week don't eat meat. Less to buy school supplies extra clothes and life; Book with the positive, don't use correction fluid and tape.

  I hope everyone a low-carbon habit, low-carbon awareness, to achieve low carbon pacesetter.