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  篇一:Friendship is a flower

  If life is a banquet, friendship is a flower. Friendship is to our life what water is to fish. If you are in trouble, friends will surround you and remove the barriers for you. Friendship plays an important role in our daily life. I’ll cherish my friendship forever.

  When I was in Grade 3 in senior high school, because of serious headache, I couldn’t go to school. The doctor said that I must have a rest for a week. Once hearing that, I was anxious. The step of Gaokao approaches. The subjects are quite difficult. One night at eleven o’clock when we heard someone knock the door, mum opened the door. Li Ming came in .He walked towards my bed and asked my body. Then he said he would help me with the subjects. I didn’t agree with him .After a day’s classes he was very tired. But he insisted on helping me with the subjects. In the end, I agreed. Whether it was fine or not, he came punctually. I was deeply impressed by his kindness. Apart from helping me with the subjects, he also comforted me. And I felt better. As proverb says “If you tell your sorrow to your friends, your sorrow will be reduced by half.” I thought he had helped me a lot. If he had not helped me with the subjects at that time, I firmly believed I would have fallen behind others. I felt an immense gratitude to Li Ming. I was happy to have such a friend.

  To sum up, a life without a friend is a life without sun. Friendship is one of the most valuable things in life. We should treasure our friendship.


  Everybody needs somebody, somebody whom is called "Friend". "A friend in need is a friend indeed." If only that kind of friends can be called "Friends", then there are only few up-to-standards for me. About friendship, we have millions of quotes to support my "saying", "Friendship is nothing but giving." But for most of the time, we're pleased with receiving things from others, instead of giving. Well, I'm not saying friendship is based on stuff-giving, but it needs emotion exchange, like "I can give you nothing but friendship", it sets up a very good example of friendship. Maybe we're too concerning about others' shortcomings, that we've missed a lot of friends-to-be. There are too many aspects about a good friend after all. So just take it easy, and let time do the rest.


  I believe that friend is just like the candle in the dark; whenever, you are involved into grieve danger, your friends would be the most useful guide to help you out. As such, friends are the most essential part in everyone's lives. The friends around me are very nice and always ready to help. I really appreciate all their assistance to my study and work. I usually spendall my spare time with my best friends. We normally go shopping and play basketball together. The best way to keep friendship lies in frequent contact. If not, the relationship between you and your friends would be remote. So, a simple phone call or a warm visit would greatly help you promote your friendship!