My Free Time小升初英语作文

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  英语作文(首发自 Free Time

  As a middle school student, I don't have much free time, but I still have a lot of things to do. I like listening to music and reading, so in my free time, I always listening to music and search the Internet for about half-hour. It's a good way to relax myself. I always do some reading before go to bed. Besides, I always go to swimming after school. Exercises help me to keep healthy and do good to my study. As the same as other students, I often watch TV in the evening, but I have to finish my homework first. At the weekends, I will help my mother with the housework, such as clean the house, do some washing. And, it's a time to visit my friends. We are always happy together.

  英语作文2:My Free Time

  I have a lot of things to do in my free time. Usually I take exercise after school.I like basketball and volleyball very much.Sports help me to keep healthy and study better.I often watch TV or do some reading in the evening.Sometimes I listen to music for a while.I find it a good way to relax myself.Of course, I help my parents with the housework at the weekends. I clean the house, wash clothes and learn cooking.Sometimes I go on a field trip with my friends.We always have a good time!