A happy day(开心的一天)

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  你的一天都是怎么度过的呢,下面给大家分享A happy day(开心的一天)英语作文(首发自:www.xiaoxuesheng.vip),供大家学习参考,一起来看看吧

  A happy day(开心的一天)

  It was a fine day today. We went to visit the Yakult Milk Factory. At nine o’clock we all meet at the playground. We went there by school bus. When we got there, we watched a short cartoon. It is the introduction of the Yakult milk. And we also drank a bottle of Yakult milk too. It is so delicious. After that they showed us around the workshops. It is so clean and quiet. Most of them are machines. There are a few workers in this factory. It is the first time for me to see such a mechanical factory.

  At noon, we went to the MacDonald’s for lunch.

  Today was a happy day for me.





  A happy day(开心的一天)

  On July 28th, we are at the swimming pool, because we are going to have a special competition. It’s a match in water-the tug-of war in water.

  We go to the swimming pool very quickly after dinner. We are so excited that we could not wait. We are having tug-of- war with Class E. It is our first time to have this match in water in our lives. When we jump into the water, we all hold the rope tightly. After the judge’s whistle, we all try our best to pull the rope. But we feel very hard to stand in water. But we still tried our best. Because Class E has more students, we lose this game. But we are very happy.

  Today is really a happy day.