my summer holiday我的暑假

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  暑假已过半,你的暑假是如何度度过的呢,下面就为大家分享英语作文(首发自 Summer Holiday,一起来看看吧

My summer holiday我的暑假

  My Summer Holiday

  I really had a wonderful summer holiday. I finished doing my homework on time and prepared for the new lessons. I visited my grandparents and spent a week with them. There I helped my parents with the housework and climbed the mountain with them. I do sports with my friends nearly every afternoon. Besides, my parents and I went to visit Shanghai and we enjoyed ourselves very much. What's more, I also read some interesting books and went to movies with my friends. What a happy and meaningful summer holiday.

  My Summer Holiday

  My summer holiday started from July.In July,I always stay at home,reading books and watching TV.I borrowed some books from the library of the city.They are about English and Maths.Because I am not good at English and Maths,I need to study hard on them.In the next month,I traveled with my parents to a few of beautiful cities.They are Yangzhou,Lianyungang,Chengdu and so on.I like these cities.They are beautiful cities.I had a wonderful summer holiday.After the holiday,I will study hard and try my best to become a member useful for the society.

  My Happy Summer Holidays

  My summer holiday of this year was very enjoyable.I went to the countryside to spend my summer holidays with my grandparents.It is very beautiful there.There are green plants,clear rivers,lovely animals and kind people.I spent two weeks helping my grandfather do some farm work there.Besides,I helped the children in the neighborhoods with their lessons.I helped them read English to improve their spoken English.Their parents thanked me for this and thought highly of me.I realized that knowledge is greatly needed in the countryside.