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unforgetable experience

once i changed my attitude toward everything, i recognized my world, my future and myself. it happened when my friends and i had almost finished our last academic year and were invited by our lovely and friend like teachers to an amazing trip, to issyk-kul, the pearl of kyrgyz land. about five of my best friends and i were going to the breathtaking places of our motherland where we decided to have an unforgettable days of our life.

it was usual shiny day when we were about to leave our lyceum and get to the long road that was passing through the high and mighty mountains of “kyrgyz jeri”. and when we were on the way to tam chi, a fertile garden village of wooden chocolate-box cottages and shady, poplar-lined avenues, my teacher said with his funny voice, ?listen everybody! now we are on the way to issyk-kul, and i want you not to sleep on first mission of our summer vacation because you could not realize the beauty of nature and compose an essay on your final exam. and some of us really didn’t sleep after his funny advice, trying to get a real pleasure from staring at the grand mountains. but during the way the others of us were just listening the music, joking to each other and flying in their dreams. finally, we reached the place where everyone changed their face and had a big smile, which showed that all of us were really pleased of seeing our magic lake. after some times later, we got into our nest! and then had first unforgettable dinner near the lake and under the thousands of blazing stars, which reminded us that we were in paradise. and it was indeed amazing? on the next day, after having a wonderful breakfast, we went to the beach for swimming and having a sunbath. when i saw the warm and silk like soft water that was attracting all of us, i rushed to it and noticed that not only i was running like a wild animal, but all my friends did the same as well. the water is excellent, said one of us. yeah, it is, replied another one. but after a little time, there were again coming lots of voices like, wow, cool, and many other sounds that showed our both surprise and gladness. we were happy and at the same time tired. so we went back to have lunch and then to get asleep. everyone was sleeping when one of my friends and i were playing cards and discussing about our aims in life and about friendship. i thought that having the best friends makes me feel self-assured in my decisions and be full for a real life by recognizing its wellnein community and nature. i thought that only with them i could get a hand and find the way in ! my own life path by discovering my abilities and finding out my great wishes in life. but after some minutes my friend and i were sleeping and continuing discussing, and this time in our dreams.

in evening, we were usually watching comedy films and films about the battles. but on another day we decided to have a party, so we went to a local disco named as discovery. and the life would be more interesting that night if i didn’t quarrel with my best friend. we started arguing only for our own interests; he insisted on drinking some alcohol and dance, i insisted on not doing that because it would bring big problems and moreover it would be shame on ourselves. unfortunately, all my friends were against me, because they thought that we could afford drinking alcohol considering that we were about to finish our school. that night i lost all my best friends just in a moment. all my thoughts about friendship were ruined; my heart burst into small pieces that will never be joined any more. and from that moment i started to build everything in my life from zero. i became more serious with my attitude toward people and became more careful myself as well.

小学英语比赛演讲稿 英语比赛演讲稿范文(2)

i love english. english language is now used everywhere in the world. it has become the most common language on internet and for international trade. learning english makes me confident and brings me great pleasure.

when i was seven, my mother sent me to an english school. at there, i played games and sang english songs with other children . then i discovered the beauty of the language, and began my colorful dream in the english world.

everyday, i read english following the tapes. sometimes, i watch english cartoons.

on the weekend, i often go to the english corner. by talking with different people there, i have made more and more friends as well as improved my oral english.

i hope i can travel around the world someday. i want to go to america to visit washington monument, because the president washington is my idol. of course, i want to go to london too, because england is where english language developed. if i can ride my bike in cambridge university, i will be very happy.

good afternoon, honorable judges, dear teachers & friends。

i'm lai senhan from the university of international busine& economics. do you know what date is it today? today is the olympic date. i'm so glad to stand here today to share my idea about beijing olympic games together with you all. the title of my speech is: what can we do for beijing olympic games?

first of all, let me tell you a story that happened 2 years ago. at the end of august, XX, when i decided to come to beijing for study, my friends hel* * **rewell party for me. they said: after your graduation, you should look for a job in beijing, and then in XX, we shall go to visit you during the olympic games. i laughed and answered: ok, no problem!

time flied and 2 years passed. now i am a graduate. my teachers and classmates always ask me: what's your plan after your graduation? go back home, stay in beijing, or go to some other places? and i always answer: i will stay in beijing. i make this decision not because of my promise to my friends 2 years ago, but because: i've fallen in love with beijing! i'm eager to welcome the coming olympic games together with my fellow countrymen, and i wish i could do something for the olympics & for the city.

as we know, beijing will host the 29th summer olympic games in 20

08. as a chinese, i think many people are thinking: what we can do for beijing olympic games. most of us are not athletes, we cannot take part in competitions directly; we are not officials either, we don't need to do the preparatory work. we are only ordinary people, what we can do!

there are still so many things we can do! for example, for me, i am a graduate

majoring busineenglish. as far as i am concerned, i will keep on learning english hard, and apply for being a volunteer. i will use english to serve the games together with other volunteers. and also, as a businessman at that time, i will avail myself of the great commercial opportunities that the olympics brings to us, make more efforts to offer my contribution to the growth of our national economy.

and for all of us, with the goal to host a "green olympics", we shall plant more trees, gra& flowers. don't waste water. in order to alleviate the problems of air pollution & traffic congestions, we shall take buses & subways more. with the goal to host a "people's olympics", and in order to make our olympics more attractive and to make our beijing more beautiful, we shall help everyone we meet who needs help, we shall abide by traffic rules, don't smoke in public and no spitting. the most important way for our chinese to support our beijing olympic games, in my opinion, is to work hard on our duties.

英语比赛演讲稿:Cherish the water 英语比赛演讲稿范文(3)

my dear teachers,fellow students and friends: good afternoon.

as we all know, the earth is a planet almost covered by water,and it is water made every thing on the earth lively.water is also one of the important part of our environment.though,is there really so much water for us to clean,to produce many things,to play with? how much water are there on the earth then?

most of the water is in the oceans or locked away as ice.the largest volumes of fresh water are stored underground as groundwater,imagine there is only one barrel of water in the world,then there is only a spoon of it on the land,and the water we can use is only a drop of it.now i have to remind all of you here that the single drop of water is never as clean as before,it has been polluted severely by our human beings.

there is a very beautiful river in paris.it is the seine,it runs across the city,people drink coffee, chat on the bank in the day,at night,they enjoy the beautiful scenery in the boat,songs from the river fly into the sky made the river more attractive, the seine is a famous symbol of france;on the west coast of pacific ocean there lies the modern city shanghai,another river which used to be a very important transportation route runs through the center of the city,people respected and regard it as"mother".it is the"suzhou river,but l believe that few of you would sit beside it,people will be scattered by the terrible smell of water when walk by.i have to say it is extremely dirty! and we all know that a lot of beautiful rivers in the world also are sharing the same fate with suzhou river. who is the devil? i can't help asking.

many human activities and their by-products have the potential to pollute water. please have a look along the banks of the river, large and small industrial enterprises discharge dirty

water, tons of garbage were thrown into the river, the water contained so much that it can't clean itself. compared with the dramatic development in many sides of shanghai, the suzhou river has become a black point of the appearance of city.

fortunately, the government has control the situation now, we are happy to see some parts of the river has become clean again, and we even can find fish sometime.

the unique earth is the only planet full of lives, the water is just like the blood in the active body, protecting water is saving ourselves. not to waste a single drop of water, otherwise, the only drop of water we could keep in the future would be our tear!

my dear friends, mankind still faces a great difficulty in solving the problems of the environment and development, and there is a grand task to perform and along way to go. the middle school students in china will always cooperate with the young people of the world to protect the environment.

the future is ours to build!

thanks for listening.

五四青年节英语比赛演讲稿 英语比赛演讲稿范文(4)

some people say that youth are a song, echoed the cheerful, beautiful melody; some people say that youth is a draw, engraved with the rich, romantic colors.

80 years ago, in order to expel darkness for light, for an independent homeland and the rich and powerful, a group of high-spirited youth with blood and lives to write the song the most magnificent song of youth, drawn on a most magnificent picture of the youth.

today, "54" sports as a glorious page has been included in the annals of the chinese nation. however, "54" is much more than just a historical case, it is a spirit, to show young people of our nation fiery love for the future and destiny of the country concerned about the performance of duty and mission of young people.

today, we had the honor of this generation of young people living in the reform and opening up a good time, had the honor of standing at the meeting point of century and millennium on. we are fortunate. facing the new century, our responsibility. recalling our carry forward the "54" the spirit of thinking seriously, and they should have a kind of youth, what kind of life. recall that the initial start know "54" is a history lesson from the primary and secondary schools began. at that time, the teacher talked about "54" exercise, to us, on the imperialist powers of the various chinese bullying on young people gave their lives for the motherland at various feat. at that time, although we still can not fully understand one of the profound truth, but like a ray of hope to illuminate the wilderness of ignorance, our young minds have sown the seeds of patriotism. gradually, we grew up, we become their prime of youth, we more deeply understand the traditions and spirit of 54. think of us once and almost 54 young people it big! they already provide us with the tender shoulders of a salvation from the task, and today the important task of the construction of the motherland will have no choice but to fall on our shoulders of the people of this generation, we should be even more prosperous homeland and dedication of us all?

ah yes, we do not small, we should not stop at forever parent generous shelter sheltered under the wings. may 4 this year, we will take part in the swearing-in ceremony for adults. that means we will have the same father who together put up a blue sky.

elders often say that we are people of this generation tank foam honey baby, with less sense of urgency, and less sense of responsibility. indeed, compared with them, our lives more comfortable, more comfortable. but this does not mean that we can relax his efforts to reduce the duty on the shoulders.

people often talked about our old subei always feeling great. subei earth, are a beautiful and magical land, our region has yanfu at the history of the chinese revolution had left a glorious chapter. army horse , the land side, once for the chinese revolution, how to pay the expensive price. after new china was founded, the people here with their own hands, with people subei diligence and wisdom, so that their homeland has undergone enormous changes. speaking of all this, our hearts are always filled with pride. however, we should also see that here with the motherland when compared to other developed regions have a large gap between the individual places where poverty has yet to be further management. here is the economy as a whole have to be further off. us, as subei youth, first of all should feel what? calligonum duty, duty should be felt. "health is my land, take care of me are this piece of land." we loved this piece of land at the foot. we have to assume the construction of homeland, prosperous homeland responsibility.

in my homeland, there is a father with my peers. he is nationally renowned for its rural technology iron man. him based on farmland, tirelessly studied the wheat, cotton, how to land on the homeland can have higher output. when his research has made the preliminary results, the cancer again and again to hit him. he did not fall, the wind is still on crutches in the rain to stay in the agrocybe visited farmers at home. tireless efforts, he produced the fine varieties have been promoted by the popularity of plant technology, grain output increased peasant hands welcome such agricultural members. put him as the "agricultural iron man." he is our example of good old youth. last year, his swearing-in ceremony of young adults in our city on earnestly warned us, for the old economy to take off, it is necessary to study hard and master the scientific and cultural knowledge, based on their own, holding a heart, the non-semi-root grass go! we remember the iron man, we be aware of her own duty, our yanfu old youth who will try our best.

yes, our duty on the shoulders of every youth, if we look to the new century, the entire nation, and the construction of homeland, we will not shrink.

li dazhao had at "their youth," one paper wrote: "burst the shackles of history, wash away the history of tourette's plot, the new national life, to restore the nation's crisis." although we have today without the face of lost territory, subject to war without smoke, but the task before us arduous same. we should strive to become luxun described as "the creation of human history there has never been on the third generation." " dared not country" the world as, youth blood xian homeland, tenacious efforts and selfless dedication for the prosperity of the motherland and contribute their wisdom and strength of all. today, we are filled with people of talent, and tomorrow are the pillars of society, it is necessary to set off waves of chinese take-off.




今天,我们这一代青年人有幸生活在改革开放的大好时代,有幸站立在世纪和千年交汇点上。我们是幸运者。面对新世纪,我们责任重大。我们回顾发扬“五四”精 神,认真思索着,自己应该拥有一个怎样的青春,怎样的人生。记得,最初开始认识“五四”是从小学的历史课开始的。那时,老师讲到“五四”运动,向我们讲述 帝国主义列强对中国的种种欺凌,讲述青年们为祖国不惜献身的种种壮举。当时,我们虽然还不能完全理解其中的深刻道理,但有如一丝曙光照亮蒙昧的荒原,我们 幼小的心田中已播下了爱国的种子。渐渐地,我们长大了,我们成为风华正茂的青年,我们更加深刻地懂得了五四的传统和精神。想想那些曾经与我们差不多大的五 四青年吧!他们稚嫩的肩上早已承当起一份救亡图存的重任,而今天建设祖国的重任将别无选择地落在我们这一代人的肩上,我们是否应该为祖国的更加繁荣昌盛而 奉献我们的一切?



人们每每谈到我们苏北老区总是感慨万分。苏北大地,是一片美丽而神奇的土地,我们盐阜地区也曾在中国革命史上留下过光辉的一页。戎马倥偬的年代,这一方热 土,曾经为中国的革命付出了多么昂贵的代价。新中国成立后,这里的人们用自己的双手,凭着苏北人的勤劳和智慧,使自己的家乡发生了翻天覆地的变化。说起这 一切,我们心中总是充满自豪。但是,我们也应该看到,这里与祖国的其他发达地区相比还有着很大的差距,这里个别地方的贫困还有待于进一步治理。这里的整体 经济还有待进一步的腾飞。我们,作为苏北青年,首先应该感觉到的是什么?责任,感到的应该是责任。“生我是这片土地,养我是这片土地。”我们爱着脚下的这 片热土。我们就要承担起建设家乡,繁荣家乡的责任。

在我的家乡,有一位与我的父亲同龄人。他就是全国闻名的身残志坚的农村科技铁人姜德明。他立足农田,孜孜不倦地研究着小麦、棉花如何在家乡的土地上能够有 更高的总产量。当他的研究取得了初步成果时,癌症又一次地向他袭来。他没有倒下,拄着拐杖依然风里雨里地留在田头,走访在农户家中。不懈的努力,他培育出 的优良品种得到了推广,种植技术得到了普及,粮食总产量大幅度提高,农民的双手欢迎这样的农技员。把他誉为“农技铁人”。他是我们老区青年的好榜样。去 年,他在我市青年成人宣誓仪式上谆谆告诫我们,为老区经济的腾飞,要努力学习,掌握科学文化知识,立足本职,捧着一颗心来,不带半根草去!我们记住了这位 铁人的话,我们意识到了自己的责任,我们盐阜老区的青年们都会努力的。


李大钊曾在《青春》一文中写道:“冲决历史桎梏,涤荡历史之积秽,新造民族之生命,挽回民族之危机。”今天的我们虽然无需面对国土的沦丧,无需承受战火硝 烟,但我们面前的任务同样艰巨。我们应该努力成为鲁迅所说的“创造人类历史上从未有过的第三代。”“位卑未敢忘忧国”,以天下为己任,青春热血献祖国,顽 强地努力,无私地奉献,为祖国的繁荣昌盛贡献自己的全部智慧和力量。我们今天是桃李芬芳,明天是社会的栋梁,要掀起中华腾飞的巨浪。